You Have Choices with Concrete Garage Coatings

If you have a garage with a concrete floor at your home or business, it’s likely you want this area to remain a durable and good-looking surface for as long as possible. While concrete on its own can certainly offer benefits, it is notorious for cracking and absorbing stains over time. The good news is that a concrete garage coating is an ideal way to protect your concrete surface, so you get the benefits it provides for longer. What you may not know is that you have choices between different types of concrete garage coatings.

One of the most common concrete garage coating applications on the market today is an epoxy coating. Unfortunately, epoxy coatings have limitations and may not necessarily be the best choice for your particular application.

Another option that many garage owners prefer is polyurea concrete garage coatings, which can be just as beautiful but offer much greater durability and longevity. If you’ve not heard of polyurea concrete garage coatings before, they have some distinct differences from epoxy that make them a better choice.

Epoxy Concrete Garage Coatings:

  • Are made from a combination of polyamine and epoxy resin
  • Seal porous concrete surfaces as they harden
  • Also come in epoxy paint format
  • May stain, crack, chip, and peel away over time

Polyurea Concrete Garage Coatings:

  • Use a form of elastomer, a more flexible material that moves with the concrete
  • Cure faster than epoxy concrete garage coatings
  • Are more impact resistant than epoxy
  • Resist tire marks, extreme heat, grease, and oil stains

If you’re thinking about a concrete garage coating for your home or business, you should reach out to our concrete contractors here at Spartan Concrete Coatings. We’ll ensure you have the durable, beautiful, long-lasting concrete flooring you require. Contact us today to learn more!

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