Maximize the Functionality of Your Floor with Commercial Floor Coatings

Flooring in a commercial space needs to be especially strong to endure the heavy foot traffic, heavy equipment, and potential exposure to chemicals. In your commercial space, commercial floor coatings can help maximize the functionality of your flooring.

Commercial floor coatings are made of different materials, and at Spartan Concrete Coatings, we specialize in using polyurea, which is a superior material that is better-functioning and longer-lasting than other options. Compared to other types of flooring, our polyurea commercial floor coatings are more durable, stronger, more flexible (this is especially helpful on slightly uneven base surfaces), chemical-resistant, UV-resistant, and very easy to maintain.

Polyurea commercial floor coatings are ideal in areas where chemicals are used regularly, such as garages, airplane hangars, and facilities that deal in harsh and caustic chemicals. The UV-resistance works well for outdoor surfaces and will prevent the floors from becoming yellowed or degraded by the sun.

Additionally, polyurea coatings are made with chipped material that adds texture to the surface. One of the biggest advantages of polyurea commercial floor coatings is that they cure quickly, so your business operations will not be interrupted as they may be with other floor coating options. Polyurea cures fully in 24 hours, so you can be back in full swing quickly and without losing much time in your commercial space.

If you are in Concord, North Carolina or the surrounding area and looking for a competent and reliable business for your commercial floor coatings, look no further! Our technicians are factory trained and certified and offer high-quality work for your commercial space to meet your expectations. Give us a call with any questions or to schedule with us today!

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